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Add products on GPBox like a pro

Here at GPBox we have tried to make adding products to your shop simple and straightforward. We have also added a few helpful tips to the product page to help you along the way.

This guide has been put together to help you become a pro when adding products to your GPBox shop.

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Product Name

The first thing you need to do is to give your product a name. The name you give to your product will play a key part in enabling your product to be found on GPBox. It needs to state who it is or where is came from (Lewis Hamilton, Aprilia Racing Team) and what the product is (Painting, Photograph, Car part). This will then form a unique name (Lewis Hamilton Signed Photograph for example) for your product. Your product name needs to be between 8 – 30 characters and can contain letters, numbers and spacing.

TOP TIP – If you are selling parts, add your part number in the product description not in your product name.

Short Description

Your short product description will be shown at the top of the page, next to your product picture and should give a brief outline of what your product is. Don’t add too much detail here as you also have a full product description box below.

Full Product Description

Here you can add a full description of your product. This text will show underneath the product picture and will be used to describe all the finer details about your product. Add as much detail here as you like, include a part number (if it has one). For help with writing great product descriptions read our blog for some inspiration.


The category tabs are located at the top of each page and are used by customers to help them find the products they are looking for. When adding categories, you are choosing which search menus your product will appear in. It is important that your product appears on the correct pages so think carefully when adding categories. You can add up to ten categories and if you click in the box you will see a list of the categories for you to choose from.

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Tags are used to group similar products together, this can be products of the same driver/rider, same team or even same colour. If you start typing in the box you suggest tags that other sellers have used which you can use. You can also add your own tags, maybe you want make a specific tag for your products (maybe your shop name, or a hashtag that you use in social media). We recommend to use at least five tags on each product.

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Here you can add a featured image (the main image for your product) and up to 4 addition photos for the image gallery. The photos will create the first impression of your product to your potential buyers, so choose wisely. We recommend that the images should be 550 x 600px and no larger than 64mb. To upload your images they must be in either jpg, bnp or bdp format. We have put together a guide to help you take better photography, click here to read this guide for few handy tips.

Following the indications from the sidebar information makes adding products much easier.



Here you can add an optional product SKU. This can be helpful for you if you are selling many products and you use product codes to manage your stock. It can also be used for tracing products should your customer have any queries about their product in the future you have a record of that exact product.

Private Listing

If you are producing a one off listing for a customer or are selling a commission piece you can create a private listing. This listing will then not appear in your shop but if your customer clicks on the product link (that you can supply to them through our messaging system) they can then purchase this item through your shop.

Product type

Here you can select if you have a single product or your product has different variations. Selecting variations will allow you to add different prices, stock quantities, weigh and dimensions for different sizes, colours or finishes. We have written a comprehensive guidebook about how to add all this attributes and variations, read it here.


If your product is downloadable then you can tick this box and you will then be able upload your file to the download box.

TOP TIP – If you name the file with the same name as your product listing name then it will prevent confusion in the future.

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Here you can add but a Regular and Sale price for your item. If you add a sale price the product will show as on sale, so only add a sale price when you want to put your product on sale. GPBox will also allow you to add the option for your customers to have their item gift wrapped, you can either leave the wrapping cost box empty if you would like to add gift wrapping free of charge or you can add an addition fee for this service.


Here you can select if the item is subject to tax/VAT or if the product is not subject to any taxes. If you are unsure if you should be paying taxes, you should seek advice from the relevant authorities in your country.


You would have set up a default shipping cost and policy when you set up your GPBox shop and if you add nothing to this section your product will be subject to the default costs that you have set up. However, you can add a different shipping cost and policy here and it will apply to this product only. This is very useful when shipping large, very rare or delicate products that require more packaging or a different method of shipping. Read Our Guide to Shipping for some useful information about shipping your products.

sell my f1 memorabilia


Here you can add the weight and dimensions of your product (kg and cms), this is very useful information for you customers in order for them to grasp the size of the product and how it will look in there home. Be sure to add correct information here to avoid unhappy customers.

Both shipping and measurements are key to inform the customers and give them the maximum amount of information.

You can then click Add Product! Your product will then appear instantly in your shop. Be sure to review your listing and make sure that you have added all information correctly. You can change the product information at any time in the product tab in your sellers dashboard.

We hope this guide has been useful but if you still have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Dorweiler don’t forget to check her out!

What tips would you give when it comes to writing a product description?

Share your best tips in the comments below.

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