The GPBox Presents – House Of Namdar By Anita Lewis

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The GPBox Presents - House Of Namdar By Anita Lewis

The GPBox is proud to feature a gorgeous, limited edition and curated collection produced by our new official international partners the House of Namdar and their internationally recognised artist Anita Lewis.

Anita Lewis’ passion for Formula 1, mixed with her amazing contemporary art style, unique approach, abstract style, and technique for depicting speed, has created a gorgeous collection called “Abstract Motorsport Art” in honour of Formula One.

In her decades spanning exploration of the traditional art of oil painting, ANITA LEWIS has created her style out of textural exploration of themes, having a certain “ethereal” earthiness to it. Born in Los Angeles, yet influenced by her European life abroad, she has managed to fuse the modern with the ancient and the reclaimed with the sparkle in her abstractions. She creates scenes that remind of things, yet are untold stories. “I don’t tell you what to see; you create your own story.” One finds her love for detail in the obscure, noting every minuscule application up close, yet creating the bigger picture from afar, much as Claude Monet managed to pull off. Like Monet or Jackson Pollock, painting large takes on importance.

Her painting life has led her to exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Argentina, and all over the US, and features in magazines and television. Not only is her abstract art enjoyed worldwide by many collectors, but her love for the Ballet world and the Motorsport world have led her to further opportunities of oil painting exploration and exciting exhibition ideas.

Currently you will find her art exhibited in San Diego, Laguna Beach, Dallas TX, Santa Fe NM, and Cortona Italy. Her collectors are in London UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, South America, USA, and Canada.

Lewis’ will be painting live at the Circuits of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas, as well as, at various other Formula 1 events and The GPBox will be selling her limited edition prints on Acrylic, Brushed Metal, Canvas Gallery Wrap, Canvas Prints in triple panel glass frame, or posters.

All of Lewis’ Formula 1 pieces come with a certificate of authenticity as well as proof of her limited edition prints by the House of Namdar. Lewis’ work has been featured in various art and design magazines, such as Art Business News, Fine, LUXE, and  American Art Collector.  She has been interviewed on San Diego Channel  7 NBC, CW 6 and Fox 5 television, as well as, has been carried in over 12 galleries in 8 different countries around the world.

The GPBox will be running a promotion this week to highlight this truly amazing and graceful artist who brings the race to you from the track in any room displayed it.

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Home » News » GPBox » The GPBox Presents – House Of Namdar By Anita Lewis

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