Automobilist launches its GPBox shop – They are Automobilists

Automobilist launches its GPBox shop

They are Automobilists. Driven by you

Automobilist is team of artists and creatives dedicated to everything automotive. A team who don’t like to conform to the rules. They are traditional when it comes to historical accuracy but take a modern approach in their artwork.

Admire what they do

Who they are

Automobilist create bespoke automotive posters, prints, publications, apparel and more. The work of the team is brought to you by the same people behind the fine art gallery Unique & Limited – experts in bringing automotive history back to life in a way that has never been seen before. They use the same approach with the work they do for Automobilist, offering cutting-edge pieces with meticulous attention to detail.

How they create

Every piece is carefully considered from conception to completion and is of extreme high quality. Every car you see featured on their work has be recreated from scratch in three dimensions, taking up to 1000 hours of modelling by a team of three highly talented individuals. Every nut, bolt, scuff and scratch has been researched in order to guarantee every detail is accurate.

Who they work with

They like to team up with brands that are as passionate as we all are about creating high quality products.

We are delighted to offer all products in the Automobilist collection to our The GPBox Customers. Check out their limited edition pieces now.

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