Automobilist: Modern Technology meets Mind-blowing F1 Artwork

Inspired Art: Automobilist

Automobilist is a team that creates premium artwork, in partnership with iconic automotive personalities and brands to re-energize motoring stories by using modern technology. History is recreated for the modern age by capturing it through fresh angles and unique perspective. Even a single image, a product of professional photography and cutting-edge computer graphics is meticulously brought into existence over thousands of hours, by an 8-person team supported by 50 cast and crew member. The Automobilist team refers to themselves as a combination of artists, creative thinkers, automobile enthusiast, and perfectionists, which is probably why their art looks the way it does- vibrant, energetic and worthy of gracing the walls of your home.

The Automobilist style: A potent combination of passion and expertise

From recreating historical moments to designing products or sculptures for events, Automobilist offers a full service to brands. Their expertise has helped companies like Maserati resurrect their first ever Gran Turismo car on its 60th anniversery, the 3500GT prototype affectionately known as the Dama Bianca, a task that involved modelling the car from pictures alone and travelling to Modena, Italy, to recreate the iconic background. Another that our team found quite interesting was a project that represented the mechanical ingenuity of a modified Tucker Sno-cat that was an instrumental machine in the first overland crossing of Antartica via the South Pole. Extraordinary art like these are rare in the sense that history is accurately preserved in a fresh, unseen perspective for a new generation. Additonally, their YouTube channel is also peppered with behind the scenes films, short documentaries and interviews with legends from the racing world, something that we’re sure motorsport buffs like yourself will appreciate.

The heart-wrenching beauty of the Dama Bianca.

Seeing the Motorsport world through the eyes of an Automobilist

Iconic stories like James Hunt’s career defining victory at the Fuji Speedway or a Ferrari powered Michael Schumacher’s triumph at Suzuka, are memories that trigger strong emotions for Motorsport fans. Projects that celebrate the phenomenal Maserati 250F and its equally incredible pilot Juan Manuel Fangio or honor Schumacher’s 50th birthday through a partnership with Scudeira Ferrari have led  to the creation a series of official posters and unique fine art prints that allow fans to relive their emotions from an entirely new perspective and in stunning detail.

Immaculate detail, exceptional quality

Heart-stopping events, the grandest sunsets, the smallest nuts and bolts are recreated on official posters for Motorsports lovers, in mind-blowing levels of detail and quality. Their signature helmet line has also been a hit among fans and with their latest addition, a helmet design poster created to celebrate the former Formula One racer turned presenter and commentator David Coulthard, have expanded their collection that consist of other racing greats like Alonso, Schumacher, Senna, Hunt, Stewart and Doohan. Also interesting are the articles from the Automobilist Magazine, with interviews, history and the latest technology taking center stage.

We at the GPBox are big fans of Automobilist and they have been  partnered with us since 2018. In light of a partnership with Formula One, the Automobilist and GPBox teams are bringing to fans an Official F1 poster collection. As mentioned before these posters, born out of a partnership with Formula One, have been created with the utmost attention to detail right down to the correct number of coats of paints, with 3D models being generated from scratch. Stunning official posters, including limited run exclusives, spanning from collections on Mercedes AMG F1, Aryton Senna and the 2020 Grand Prix among others, have found quite the fan following among our customers. Automobilist are quite active on social media and we enjoy their content on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Our customers also seem to share the same sentiments as their art is witnessing a surge in popularity and we are excited to see what they have in mind for their next project

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