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Our Guide to Writing Great Product Descriptions

Writing a good product description can really make a different when selling products. You need to write something engaging and descriptive but not lengthy and wishy-washy.

On GPBox you can add both a short description and full description, this gives you the opportunity to catch your buyers attention with the short description and secure the sale with the full write up. We have put together this guide to help you become a product description writing pro!

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Who are you targeting.

The first thing to really think about when writing a product description is your ideal buyer. Who did you make this product for? What makes them tick? What sort of language do they use? This will help you address your customers directly, instead of trying to please everybody and running the risk of connecting with no one. Think about how you would sell your product face to face with your ideal buyer in a store. This will create a description that is like a conversation, interesting and engaging!

TOP TIP – Use the word ‘you’.


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Write a first draft

Try to write your product descriptions when you are feeling positive and energetic and just TYPE! Forget spelling, forget grammar and don’t think to much. You can then go back to refine and perfect the text later on. It is harder to inject passion into a description than it is to soften the text later on.

Make it easy to read

Researchers have suggested that people only read about 16% of words on a average page. So to keep your readers interested in your content and stop skimming you can use a few formatting techniques to make your description easy to read.

  • Add short subheadings followed by body text providing a more detailed description
  • Use bullet points to attract attention
  • Add spaces, it stops the description from looking like an unmanageable block of words

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Use emotive language.

You have spent hours conceptualising and making your item and you are proud of your work, show it. If you are excited about your product, that will rub off on you buyers. Try to describe how your item can make people feel, how it could change their life or how it can solve a problem or hassle. Don’t sell the product, sell the experience.

Avoid adding bland sentences

If we get stuck for something to say it can seem like a good idea to write a very standard filler like ‘excellent quality’ or ‘great product’. Instead of instilling confidence in your buyer that your product is indeed excellent or great it can actually have the opposite effect and make your product sound very average. Next time you write a product description think about writing WHY your product is ‘excellent quality’ or a ‘great product’ not just that it is.

If your product really is the best, provide specific proof why this is the case.

Use Facts

It is not just enough to state that your product is the best on the market if you cant prove why. If your product really is the best, provide specific proof why this is the case. If you want to use a slightly softer approach you can always use a quote from a customer who says your is the best they have ever seen.

Writing product descriptions can be daunting at first but practice makes perfect. Don’t over think it, read these points and jump straight in. You will be a pro in no time!

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What tips would you give when it comes to writing a product description?

Share your best tips in the comments below.

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Sellers Guidebook » Our Guide to Writing Great Product Descriptions


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