When Brad Namdar, (founder of House of Namdar) decided to create a line of art that would be innovative, unique, and something the world has never seen before,  he thought; “This will be cool…” as he met artist Anita Lewis in January of 2018, where she immediately became one of the first signings of the House of Namdar.  “I walked by her display at the LV Market, stopped short and thought…she’s quality, one of the best, most diverse, and creative abstract & contemporary artists I have ever seen…perfect fit!” said Namdar. About meeting Namdar, Anita Lewis said; “I knew there was something special about him despite his being in his twenty’s; Brad’s tenacity, confidence, and nothing-is-impossible attitude was contagious. He truly is one of the few people you meet in life that make you believe nothing is going to stop this person from becoming a success. It was then I told Brad about my passion for Formula 1; painting the experience of the race, and how I had a dream to be involved with F1, where he then said ““no problem we’ll have it done“” in a calm voice, while seemingly distracted. I thought to myself no way…he thinks it’s no problem!”
In less than 7 months after Lewis told Namdar about her dream, The House of Namdar staff is proud to say Anita Lewis is producing art and is the official artist of the Circuit of America’s Formula 1 Austin Grand Prix, Art Exhibitor for GP Tours , international distribution partnership with TheGPBox, collaboration with the prestigious WexelArt at COTA, and will be painting and exhibiting live at the racetrack in Austin this week. “I’m not surprised,” said Namdar. “You expect great things from great people; Anita’s art is beyond great and is a perfect fit for Formula 1.”
Namdar: “In under a year our art line has done some extraordinary things , we don’t like to brag BUT… extraordinary isn’t good enough… iconic is our goal, and I must acknowledge moments of true recognition when our artists like Anita Lewis embody the standard we carry for the quality of art we have at the House of Namdar…no one can dispute Anita’s quality …nobody…if they do they need new glasses. “

Grant Prela

– Freelance Publisher for MotorSports

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