How to: Product Variations

Sellers Guidebook » How to: Product Variations

How to: Product Variations

As a seller you may have an item that comes in different sizes, different colours or with a different finish, you can now add these options in the ´Product Variations´ section of your ‘add a product’ page. Your customers can then select which product option they want!

There are few steps you need to complete, so below is a small guide to getting this right first time.

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If you want to add a product with different variations you start the same way as you would when adding a single product. When you reach the ‘Product Type’ drop down menu you need to select ‘Variable Product’. This will then unlock a number of additional boxes that will allow you to add different sizes, colours, finishes and its individual prices, stock, weight and dimensions.

Product Attributes

The first box will ask you for your product attribute. From this box you can choose if this specific product can be purchased in a different size, colour or finish. You can select as many of these attributes as you require. We have started with the three attribute categories that most of you have been asking for:

  1. Size

  2. Colour

  3. Finish

The product attributes are pre-set by us here at The GPBox but we can always add more, so if the current attributes don’t cover your product variations please contact us on [email protected]

Once you have selected the attributes you require and clicked ‘add’ a number of drop down menus will appear below. Click the down arrow to open these options and start to fill the required information.

Each attribute will then require you to add options. These options are personal to you and your shop so you can add as many of these different options as you require (colours, paperweights, sizes and finishes). If you click the ‘Add new option’ button on the right hand side you will then be able to add as many different product options as you need.

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This options are going to be associated to the attribute and are going to be available in all the products of your shop, so you only need to add them once!

Once you have added the different options you can then move on to adding your product variation. This is where you can add different prices, your stock levels, set regular price, set sale prices and product dimensions for each of your different products.

Click the ‘Add new option’ button to add as many different product options as you need

Product Variations

The first drop-down that you are going to find is going to be your “toolbox” to add, edit or delete all your product variations. The current functions that are available are:

  1. Add Variation

  2. Create variations from all attributes

  3. Delete all variations

  4. Set regular prices

  5. Set sale prices

  6. Set scheduled sale dates

  7. Toggle “Manage Stock”

  8. Stock Quantity


To simply create all the possible variations of the product, select ‘create variations for all attributes’. The first drop down menu that will appear will ask you to set the default product variation, this will be the variation that will appear standardly when your customers browse this product page. Below this you will then see the list of the product options you added earlier. If your product comes in many different option combinations you change change these option here by using the drop down menus, you can also delete a product variation combination by clicking ‘Remove’ on the right hand side of the product line.

By clicking the down arrow next to your product variations you can then add your stock levels, amend the price and sale price of your item and add any different product dimensions.

If you follow these steps, then adding your product variations is simple, enjoy!

Setting up variable products can be daunting at first but once you’ve used it for the first time you will start to love it.

Photos courtesy of Jessica Ruscello don’t forget to check her out!

What tips would you give when it comes to add variable products?

Share your best tips or any additional requirements in the comments below.

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Sellers Guidebook » How to: Product Variations

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