Opening Your GPBox Shop – Step by step guide

Sellers Guidebook » Opening Your GPBox Shop – Step by step guide

Opening Your GPBox Shop

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Welcome! Opening a shop on GPBox is simple, we have created this guide to walk you through the steps for creating a shop. We also have a guide for adding a product, click here if you would like to read it first.

In order to open a shop you MUST be registered on GPBox, to register click the register icon in the top right hand corner or any Create a shop button on the home page.

Create your Shop

Start buy clicking the Sell on GPBox link in the top right hand corner of the site or alternatively you can follow this link. This will take you to our open a shop page. This page is full of information on fees, features, categories, FAQs and much more. Please take some time to read it before opening your shop.

Once you have read about all the great stuff that happens when you open a shop on GPBox click our Create a Shop button and begin!

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Step 1 – Add the general information for your shop

You will need to create a shop name. Your shop name is very important for your brand so choose carefully. This must be between 4 – 30 characters long and can be made up of numbers and letters, but must not contain any special characters. You also need to add your shop location and address. This information is needed to determine your shop location for shipping and adapt the shop location filters.

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Step 2 – Write your shop description

Here is where you write the story of your shop. This is the opportunity you get to portray your vision to you customers, use this space wisely. Be mindful of the length of your description, if your description is too long people may not read it.


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Step 3 – Social Media page

Here you have the opportunity to add your social media pages to your main shop. This will be present in your shop and will allow your customers to connect with you through your social media pages.

Social media has never been so useful. Don´t forget to share your shop once it is open!

Step 4 – Confirmation

This page outlines the fees for selling on GPBox. Once you have read the Terms & Conditions tick the box and click to become a vendor. Congratulations, you are now a GPBox vendor!

You will then be taken straight to your shop dashboard, here you must configure just a few more setting that are essential for selling on GPBox.


It is where you need to set up how you are going to be paid. Click the Connect with Stripe button to log in to your Stripe account or create one through that link for free if you don´t already have one. You will be redirected to the Stripe website to ensure data is kept protected and secure. Take care to add all information correctly here as they will verify the information you provide.

You will be asked for a website´s address. If you don´t have your own website, we recommend you use your GPBox shop URL which is”your-shop-name”

Once you are back to your sellers dashboard and all the information is correctly added, a Stripe logo is going to be available for you to go to your Stripe Dashboard directly from GPbox.

From your Stripe Dashboard you can enjoy of total control of your money, instantly. The payments are available in your Stripe account instantly and as default the payouts to your bank account are made daily. Track all your sales and your benefits from there, familiarise yourselves with this tool to extract the most out of it.

Once you have created an account you can, of course, access directly your Stripe dashboard and account by logging in to Stripe.

Sales are instantly available on your Stripe account and are ready for daily payouts straight to your bank account. Stripe Dashboard is a great tool, use it!


In your shop settings under the shipping tab you can add all the fees and information for your customers when it comes to shipping and returns. It is very important the set this up correctly as it will appear as a default in your product pages. When you add a product, you can decide if you want to use this shipping policies or overwrite them. To prevent you from losing money on the shipping please use our help with calculating shipping costs and shipping tips in Our guide to Shipping.

Shipping Table

This shipping table is extremely useful if you are selling the same type of product so the shipping costs are always the same. This table is the default shipping rates applied to all your products if you don´t specify new rates in a product by product basis.

To start you can set up rates for the countries you would like to ship your products to. GPBox allows you to add an unlimited amount of countries and shipping rates for your customers. It is very simple to set up, firstly select the country you want to ship to from the drop down menu or simply start typing in the box. The second box allows you to add a state, this is very important if you would like to ship to America as shipping cost can vary hugely from state to state. Leave the state blank to apply that shipping rate to the entire country. The third box will allow you to add a Postcode, again this can be helpful if the shipping charges differ when shipping to a different part of a country. Then in the final box you can add the shipping charge. You also have the quantity override check box, this means that no matter the quantity of the product, this will be the rate.

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Free shipping order

In the free shipping order box you can add free shipping for orders over a certain value.

Product Handling Fee

Here you can add a fee for handling and preparing the item for shipping, not to be confused with a shipping fee. This will be default for all products within your shop. You can also add this fee when adding a product to your shop so we strongly recommend that unless all your products are the same and require the same amount of time to prepare that you leave this blank.

Shipping Policy

Here you can add your standard shipping policy, this could how you will ship your items and how long your customers should expect to wait before receiving their item.

Returns Policy

Add information here about how long your customer has if they would like to return or exchange their item and the conditions in which they are eligible for a refund or product exchange. Please add something here as it will show that you haven’t added a policy on your shop page which could be off putting to your customers.

Both your Shipping and Return Policy are going to be shown in all of your products under the Shipping Tab.

Shipping From

Here you add if you are shipping from a different location than your registered shop location.

Store Branding

Last but not least, make sure to finish your shop opening process adding both a profile picture and a banner under the Store Branding Tab. The possibilities for the banner are endless, from a cover photo of some of your work to illustrations, designs, etc. This will make sure your shop looks exactly how you want it to look.

If you follow this step by step guide opening your shop should be simple. But if you have any problems or further questions along the way, please do not hesitate to 

What tips would you give when it comes to opening a GPBox Shop?

Share your best tips in the comments below.

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Sellers Guidebook » Opening Your GPBox Shop – Step by step guide

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