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Baghera Vintage Tricycle | With Steel Frame and Rubber Tyres - Classic Retro Style | For children 24 months and older


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FULL SPEED WITH THIS RETRO TRICYCLE: your child will love this vintage tricycle, which represents the nostalgia of childhood with its three wheels, as much as it will provide maximum fun! Especially since there is room for an extra passenger on the back footboard for crazy adventures.

PLAYING AND GROWING: the Vintage Tricycle has been the preferred means of transport for children and adults for generations, because not only is it fun, but also promotes the child's motor development. It improves balance and boosts orientation skills in any environment.

A JOURNEY INTO THE PAST: inspired by the harmonious contours of retro toys, this vintage tricycle uses high-end materials such as steel and rubber which are impact and time resistant! And with its white and red coloured varnish it keeps its great look for a long time.

SAFETY FIRST: the three wheeled configuration of this Vintage tricycle and the ergonomic seat ensure a very stable ride. It is also equipped with a bicycle bell, which is essential in bends and turns. But nothing replaces parental vigilance and a good helmet!

THE FRONT-RUNNER FOR PARENTS: parents love this vintage tricycle not only because of its retro character but also because of the benefits associated with motor development. This tricycle deserves the yellow jersey for its adjustable saddle, the footboard at the back and the quiet rubber tyres alone!


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