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From being used to ward off evil spirits to being indicative of class, affiliation and power, Bracelets have come a long way. An UK based jewelry brand, The Mechanists, pride themselves on creating bracelets inspired by classic cars for petrol-heads and enthusiasts of vintage automobiles.

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Hedi en-route to Goodwood

The brand was founded by Hedi Sersoub, a long-time lover of classic cars, who’s efforts have resulted in the creation in the form of bracelets that are strikingly aesthetic. These bracelets are made of handcrafted, miniature 14K gold or sterling silver steering wheels and silk chords that embody the inexplicable beauty of cars. Hedi grew up around classic cars and enjoyed watching his father fix cars and tackle issues that arose, thus spending a great deal of time in their garage. It is no surprise that today, he enjoys driving a variety of cars, from pick-ups to sports and vintage cars although the classics hold a special place in his heart, stirs his emotions and reminds him of how beauty can be created.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

The Mechanists hold artisans who are dedicated and committed to their craft in high regard while also drawing inspiration from Ralph Lauren, a renowned car collector himself. Inspiration for their designs have come from various sources. In line with the British roots of the company, motivated by Malcolm Sayer who is a celebrated designer and creator of the Jaguar E-type, the recreation of the car’s iconic visage through the creation of bracelets made of sterling silver, partnership with 24 hour Le Mans birthed enamel French flag bearing bracelets that celebrate the history of almost a century of motor-sports and channels the emotion of the worlds biggest race and a desire to pay homage to the exploits of daredevils, the men and woman who risked their lives to race, was embodied in the form of personalized engravings of the wearer’s blood type.

Products from the Mechanists enjoy popularity due to their ability to meld simplicity with sophistication. We at the GPBox resonate with the love and passion that Hedi and his team hold for vintage cars and are excited to see where they will draw inspiration from with future products.

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