Top 5 Gifts for Ferrari Fans and Lovers

Top 5 gifts for Ferrari fans and lovers

Ferrari has come a long way since its beginnings as a fledgling race car builder. Ferrari is one of the world’s most recognisable and popular brands; its “prancing horse” logo is associated with sex, wealth and the high life. It has not always been the global brand of luxury and unlike many of its rivals, Ferrari is a racing operation first and car company second, with its foundation as a racing team funded by the sale of road cars. We, at the GPBox, have put together 5 gifts for Ferrari fans, sure to make the faces of the ones in your live light up with joy.

Scuderia Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari liked to say that his favourite Ferrari was the next one. The man who founded the Scuderia Ferrari racing team, and the Ferrari production car business that followed, had a ceaseless desire to devise and build the best. Ferrari is the most successful team in the history of Formula One racing, competing in every season of the World Championships since 1950, winning 15 Drivers ‘ Championships and 16 Constructors ‘ Championships. Gifts for Ferrari fans in the form of brand related merchandise from key-chains, thermo-flasks, t-shirts, pens and a lot more will give them an opportunity to display their love for the team.

Team work makes the dream work

Schumacher and Barrichello’s partnership at Ferrari from 2000 to 2005 was incredibly dominant and both were crucial to the team’s success – which includes five drivers’ and five constructors’ titles, as well as 58 wins. The current combination of Vettel and Leclerc, not without its fair share of drama, have performed strongly with 5 consecutive poles in a row this year and seek to take Ferrari to newer heights. With a new and improved F1 machine for the 2019 season, the team are hopeful that the duo can capture gold consistently.

Michael Schumacher

Schumacher is not just a loved name among Ferrari Fans, but he is also considered to be one of the greatest Formula One drivers ever to have lived, and his name has been synonymous with the sport and Ferrari for decades. Schumacher’s iconic aggressive driving, his ability to win races and his masterful handling of rainy conditions would eventually earn him the title of Regenmeister. He is often credited with the resurrection of the great Ferrari team that had not won a title in over 20 years. Schumacher related gifts for Ferrari fans can help them pay homage to one of the Greatest in F1.

Custom art, Car parts and scale models

Signed posters from Michael Schumacher, a vest signed by Vettel and Räikkönen among others will provide your loved ones something to brag about to their friends. Really special gifts for Ferrari fans for the really special people in your lives can include Nosecones and Hoods from actual Ferrari race cars will have any Ferrari lover in tears. Scale models of from the trendy California and the F12 Berlinetta to  the more hardcore Enzo or the LaFerrari will add great value to any existing collection.

Blast from the past

Gifts for Ferrari fans based on the brand’s storied history will always hit the right spot, like a magnificent book on the Ferrari 250 GTO that succeeded in virtually every form of Motorsport, including endurance racing, hill-climbing and rallying. We also have replicas of Niki Lauda’s Racing suit and helmets from 1967, or a framed model of the  Ferrari 312 will remind them the tremendous legacy associated with their team.

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