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We are delighted to finally open our pages to you.

What is GPBox?

The GPBox is an online marketplace for Motorsport gifts, art, real car parts, collectibles and memorabilia. A platform not only for buying and selling Motorsport pieces, but to engage a community of like minded people. We have created blogs, forums and groups, all to encourage interaction from our users. We want you to use GPBox, not just because you need to, but because you want to!

‘I am excited not only about the amazing pieces that sell through GPBox but also about creating a one stop shop where everyone can Buy & Sell Memorabilia. Being able to provide to our Buyers the very best products and to our Sellers the very best customers.’

Pol, Co-Founder

Why have we created GPBox?

Here is the scenario, your friend or partner is a Motorsport fan and you want to buy them a gift. Where do you start?

If you search for Motorsport gifts you are faced with thousands of different pages. Within this huge un-categorised variety of pages you can find from beautiful and unique pieces to hand painted art on many different platforms. We want to combine all of this under one roof so that, whatever your budget, whatever the occasion, you can find it here on GPBox.

The advantage of this is that both buyers and sellers have a trusted unique platform where everyone is a Motorsport fan. Buyers having the whole variety of products at their finger tips and Sellers having the freedom of running their own shop but through a platform that will be driving the right type of customers to their door.

‘My main driver for creating GPBox was to find the perfect gift, fast. I know I’m not the only one that has spent hours scrolling through the internet to find the perfect Motorsport gift, GPBox puts an end to this problem. I can find what I am looking for on one site.’

Georgina, Co-Founder

GPBox was created to welcome everyone, from the hobby artist in their garden shed to already established Motorsport Memorabilia shops. Adding products on GPBox is free, you pay nothing until your product sells, what do you have to lose? Create a shop and start now.

The Blog

We will use this blog to discuss relevant topics in the world of Motorsport, keep you up to date on new products and promotions and introduce you to our sellers.

GPBox was created for you, so please get involved by using the comment section below to tell us about any topics you would like to see in the blog and like, share and follow us on social media.

We really hope you enjoy using GPBox, now get browsing!!!

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