Accessibility Statement

Terms and Conditions / Accessibility Statement

Accessing our website

At GPBox we are committed to making our website as accessible as possible to people with special needs.

We're continually working towards improving the quality of our website and have made it accessible to all users.

Accessibility features

Keyboard navigation

Our website can be utilized with keyboard-only functionality.

You can:

  • select dropdown boxes with the up and down arrow keys;
  • select and unselect a checkbox using the space bar;
  • move forward between links using the tab key;
  • move back between links using the shift and tab keys; and
  • initiate any action buttons using the enter key whilst the action button is selected.

You can use these functions using just a keyboard and when using a keyboard in combination with a screen reader.

Changing the font size

The style sheets used on our website allow you to change the font size. You should follow the instructions on your browser to change the font size.

Browser compatibility

This website is best used and has been tested on:

  • PC, Windows 10 with Google Chrome >80;
  • PC, Windows 10 with Firefox;
  • PC, Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 11, the latest Firefox and NVDA 2015:1, Window-Eyes;
  • Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite with VoiceOver and Safari;
  • iPhone 6, with VoiceOver and Safari;


We have adopted as many as possible recommendations laid down by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 incorporating them into our website's design.

WCAG aims at making websites more accessible for people with disabilities and also helps to make them user friendly for all users.

The WCAG are best practices recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and they define three levels of accessibility, graded A, AA, and AAA respectively.

Our goal is to satisfy the Level AA guidelines.

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Our HTML is Validated

This website has been coded and built using code that is compliant with the W3C HTML5 standards.

Compliant code means that it will display correctly on current and future browsers.

Ongoing work

Our effort to provide a fully accessible website for all visitors is a continuous one. We test our site, check its performance, and monitor how it behaves. We have included different kinds of solutions to improve user experience and will continue doing so as technology evolves

If you experience any difficulties accessing our website, please let us know how we can improve by contacting us.