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The GPBox is an online marketplace for Motorsport gifts, art, real car parts, collectibles and memorabilia.

The GPBox was created to bring Motorsport sellers from all around the world under one roof. Whether producing Motorsport art and crafts is your hobby or your full time occupation, The GPBox is for you.

Before The GPBox, if you searched the internet for Motorsport gifts you would be faced with thousand of different pages. Our vision is to create the one stop shop for the Motorsport fan, so that whatever the occasion or budget you can find the perfect gift.

The advantage of this is that both buyers and sellers have a trusted unique platform where everyone is a Motorsport fan. Buyers having the whole variety of products at their finger tips and sellers having the freedom of running their own shop but through a platform that will be driving the right type of customers to their door.


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We have teamed up with a number of industry leaders and influencers, to not only bring our sellers great exposure but to also offer our customers great content and benefits!
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