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F1 Jackets
The Formula 1 Jackets Collection. Our F1 jackets collection is a treasure trove for fans and collectors alike. We offer a diverse range of jackets and official merchandise, from current F1 team jackets to vintage F1 jackets for a retro look. We have a stylish selection to suit every taste, with designs for men and women and children. Whether you're a die-hard fan, a motorsport enthusiast, or simply appreciate the style and heritage of Formula 1, you'll find the perfect jacket to showcase your love for the sport.

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At GPBox we understand the passion and dedication that F1 fans have for the sport. That's why we work with our global sellers to strive to offer a comprehensive selection of F1 jackets to cater to all preferences. Explore our shop to find the ideal F1 jacket to add to your motorsport memorabilia collection or to wear out and about or to support your team on your next Grand Prix race day.

Our F1 racing jackets come in a range of materials for all conditions, keeping you protected from the elements and looking dapper whatever the weather! From fleece and puffer jackets to keep you warm in winter, to softshell and waterproof jackets for spring and summer. Feel like a part of the action with a high-quality F1 racing jacket that captures the essence of the world’s premier motorsport.

F1 Team Jackets

Show your support for your favourite F1 team with our collection of F1 team jackets. These jackets proudly display the colours, logos, and emblems of renowned Formula 1 teams. Represent your team in style, whether you're a Mercedes-AMG Petronas supporter, a die-hard McLaren enthusiast, or simply looking for looking for an iconic Ferrari jacket, we have the perfect F1 team jacket for you.

Vintage F1 Jackets

If you're a fan of the golden era of Formula 1, our vintage F1 jackets will transport you back in time. Shop iconic designs worn by legendary drivers and teams from previous F1 seasons. With their retro appeal and timeless charm, these vintage F1 jackets are a must-have for any motorsport enthusiast.

For more F1 clothing, to kit you out from head to toe in your favourite F1 fashion items, browse our range of F1 Clothing and Accessories.

F1 Jackets