With no fees until you sell your product, selling on GPBox is a great way to build your business


The GPBox is an online marketplace that allows you to sell your Motorsport Memorabilia to nearly 400 million eager fans worldwide.

Step 1 - Create a Shop for Free

Create a Shop for free, add your Shop address, Shipping policies and select how you want to get paid.

Step 2 - Set Up Your Shop

Once a seller, you will have access to your Seller Dashboard which has tons of tools to help you set up your store and manage your orders.

Step 3 - Sell & Get Paid

Fulfill orders, ship them out to your customers and get paid. Seller payouts are issued instantly to your Stripe or Paypal accounts.

Join the fastest growing Motorsport Marketplace and a community of like minded people passionate about Motorsport

No sale, no fee

List unlimited items for free and pay nothing until your item sells, GPBox’s commission is only 3% + £0.20.

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Payments are processed instantly through our secure SSL encrypted system for safe & smooth transactions. Setup and connect your Stripe account and enjoy instant payments.

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Simple setup

Getting started is quick and easy with the sellers dashboard. Complete all the setup process and get detailed analytics of your shop.

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Selling on The GPBox is simple, fair and secure



List unlimited items for free, forever or until they sell.


3% + £0.20 *

Pay only when your item sells, with one of the most reduced commissions


1% +


2.9% +

Instant **, secure and global payments. You choose how you get paid.

Payment processing fees depend on your country, check Stripe’s pricing and Paypal’s pricing.

We have teamed up with Stripe, one of the most secure payment platforms online to stream-line and secure our payment method and have incorporated sophisticated fraud detection systems.
You can log in and link your account or create a new one, totally free. Don’t know who they are? Check them out!

* The amount billed is a % of the total sale price + flat fee per order for all types of sales, national and international. Fees are billed for £0.20 GBP, so if your currency used in the bank account added in the shop settings is not GBP, the amount may vary based on exchange rates. Read more.

** Please be aware, payments process through Stripe will arrive in your account instantly, whereas Paypal payments can take up to 48h to reach your account.

Seller Testimonials

We love what The GPBox creates, but don’t take our word for it. Read what our sellers think about us.


One marketplace for all Motorsport artwork and memorabilia. Two wheels and four, all under one roof.

Chris Pullan from Dr Auto Art



The GPBox offers a single and global marketplace. The place where fans and lovers of motorsport and art can find each other. With a fast, direct and clear platform, there are many artists and a huge offer of products.

Miguel from Marko-f1


Our upload your shop service

Want to Join The GPBox but can't find the time to create your shop?

Are you already selling through your own website or other platforms? We can create your shop and import all your products for you. Terms and Conditions apply.

Our sellers toolbox

Your Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to see how you are doing and to track and measure the performance of your shop.


You can view recent orders, recent products, numbers of orders, total products sold, commission paid, with very cool graphs. You can also control all the data based on a specific period of time.


Once the seller application has been completed, you can add and configure your own products through the add a product form.

MY Shop

Manage your orders


See details, preview, check the status, track all your orders, print shipping labels, add notes, add your tracking number to keep your customer informed.


Being key for a professional store management export orders to a CSV file, which can easily be imported into Excel and Google Spreadsheets, or anywhere else you want!

Add coupons


Being one of the most Important things to make the most out of the shop potential and increase your sales. Run or setup promotions with custom coupons codes, descriptions, limits and restrictions.

Special occasions

Motorsport world is full of races and events, make sure to promote related items at the right time to engage your customer.

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What you can sell

From Formula 1 to Vintage racing cars, The GPBox is a marketplace for all your Motorsport and Automotive related products.

Do you have something special and unique that doesn’t fit into any of our categories? Please contact us as we are sure we can help you find it a home.

Some of our sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most asked questions

How do I get paid?

As we are using Stripe, our simple and secure payment platform, you don’t need to worry about anything.

GPBox accepts most Debit/Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and the funds from your sales are then directly deposited into your stripe account minus our fees.

You get paid instantly and you will never have to worry about having to manually pay fees. From your Stripe dashboard you can then withdraw the money to your associated bank account whenever you want. 

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How do I track my orders?

Once you open your shop you will have a Sellers Dashboard, this is a really great tool for tracking orders, sales and products. You can print your shipping labels, add the tracking number and notes, all from the orders tab in your dashboard. Managing your shop from here is quick and easy.

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What can I sell on GPBox?

GPBox is a Motorsport marketplace. You can sell Motorsport memorabilia, collectables, apparel, art and gifts. Check out our categories as you can find anything from Formula 1 to Vintage.

Please make sure to read our Forbidden Items Policy before listing an item.

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What are the fees for selling on GPBox?

Opening a shop is free and you can list an unlimited number of products for free, forever. You don’t pay a thing until you make a sale. Once your item sells there is a 3% + 0.20p transaction fee (this is calculated before shipping is added).
Fees are billed for £0.20 GBP, so if your currency used in the bank account added in the shop settings is not GBP, the amount may vary based on exchange rates.

To process your payments there is the standard payment fee of 1% + Stripe’s commission. As Stripe’s commission depend on your country, please visit here to find out more. You can track your money from start (in the sellers dashboard) to finish (in your Stripe dashboard).

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How easy is it to open a shop?

We have worked hard to make this process as simple and straightforward as possible, as the more time you spend setting up your shop the less time you are reaching your customers! Adding products is even easier with a single page form.

We have also put together a few guides to help with these processes.

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Would you like to know more? Here are some resources to get you going.

Sellers Guidebook    Terms & Conditions    Top 10 Tips

Still have some questions? Feel free to contact us

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