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The F1 Model Cars Collection. Discover F1 Diecast Model Cars and Formula 1 diecast cars of all scales and years. These F1 Model cars make great F1 gifts or collection pieces for the Motorsport fan with any F1 Model car collection.

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Only the real F1 fans can relate to the excitement of having an F1 diecast collection. Perhaps we can’t buy a real F1 car but diecast F1 cars are gorgeous!

Formula 1 diecast cars are for all-ages kids (yes, even for the 90-ish-year-old kid). You can either put them in a special collection place, play with your children or whatever you like!

Discover the F1 diecast model cars and Formula 1 diecast cars of all scales and years. Let’s talk about the F1 model cars you’ll find here on GPBox.  

Biggest F1 model car collection

Buckle in and push the accelerator pedal with an amazing replica F1 car. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a collector for years or if you’ve just started, choose your favourites and have your biggest F1 model car collection!

There’s no such thing as “too many model cars”, right? They’re awesome on every scale, we love to contemplate them, take care of them, and contemplate them. Those vibrant colours, details, and uniqueness can make us feel the adrenaline.

You’ll find lots of different metal F1 model cars such as Burago F1 cars, Minichamps F1 cars & Hot Wheels F1 cars. These F1 model cars make great F1 gifts or collection pieces for the motorsport fan as well as the

F1 diecast cars by scale

The F1 scale models are so different, and we love them all. Discover all the F1 diecast cars by scale from 1:64 to the super-detailed F1 model cars 1:18.

The F1 1:64 diecast can make you feel you are having a real race going on anywhere, whereas bigger scales such as the F1 model car 1:18 light up any corner with their elegance and sophistication.

You can either leave them inside their fantastic packaging or take them out to shine bright. They’re precious tributes to the marvellous F1 real cars.

Moreover, if you’re searching for F1 toy cars to give to the little F1 fans, we believe the best are 1:64 or 1:43 scales.

Which ones do you love the most? Oh, we can’t decide!  

F1 model cars by team

We’ve talked about different diecast brands and scales, but what about F1 model cars by team? Well, be the proud owner of your favourite F1 team cars and F1 drivers!

Are you looking for a McLaren F1 model car, Mercedes F1 model car, Ferrari F1 model car, Lotus, Redbull? You name it, you’ll have it here.

Besides the F1 cars by team, you can also find your favourite driver’s figures to collect!

Finally, but not least. We know that this sport is amazing, but it goes beyond the Formula One as you’ll have stunning model cars for your collection. Just to mention some: Lamborghini, Porsche, Ford, and much more.

F1 Model Cars