10 unique gifts for Formula 1 lovers this Christmas

10 unique gifts for Formula 1 lovers this Christmas marketplace: motorsport and car enthusiasts product category

Almost Christmas!

When I was a child, I remember it so clearly, my dad sitting and watching F1. At that moment I couldn’t understand why it is interesting to watch cars just driving circles.. :)

Time has passed and I myself became a huge fan. It became our greatest hobby to watch Formula 1 with my dad, a way for us to connect. 

Now during the celebrations me and my Dad get each other Formula 1 gifts, and it became our tradition!

So I prepared a list of what I would love to receive or buy for my dad as a Christmas gift. It suits different budgets!

Hope this makes choosing a gift for your loved one much easier. Enjoy!

2023 F1 Calendars

How cool is this yearly calendar, not only is it a beautiful decoration, but finally all the F1 season dates are right on hand. This is the best choice if you are unsure what their favourite team or driver is. 

F1 Mugs

There’s always some space for one more F1 mug, you just can’t go wrong with them!

Acrylic Original Artwork

For true Art Lovers, I got mesmerized by this Original Daniel Ricciardo close-up. Perfect fit for the office or living space.

F1 Phone Cases

A phone case with the favourite team, yes, please! A really personalized way to surprise your loved one.

F1 Tracks and circuit wall art

What a stylish way to decorate a minimalistic house, for your friend or loved one who enjoys the aesthetic feel of their gifts! Formula 1 framed 3D circuit art.

F1 and racing-themed socks

There’s always a shortage of socks in my family. I loved these symbolic B&W - evokes the movement of a checkered flag waving.

F1 raced car parts accessories and memorabilia

I’ve never seen a cooler unisex bracelet, than this one made from F1 race car parts!

F1 and racing themed desk decoration

This Bestseller desk decoration grabbed my attention immediately. Best of all, 8 different colors to choose from, fits all tastes!

Raced and replica F1 gloves

These gloves are exact replicas that were used by the best drivers in the history of Formula 1. That’s definitely a piece to surprise somebody!

F1 gifts for traveling lovers

Passion for Traveling and Formula 1 UNITED! Scratch off the country and write down winners and dates. I’m crazy about this one!

Personalized gifts are always the best way to show your loved ones that you care, give them something that they are passionate about! If that’s Formula 1 then I’m sure you found something really unique on this list, for more options check the GPBox. 

Merry Christmas!