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A collection of lighting made from genuine Formula 1™ car parts.Back in May 2017 we were lucky enough to purchase a number of items from the Manor Marussia F1™ racing team's assets auction after t

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Discovering Motorsport Marvels: An Inside Look into C. Smith & Co Journey

Ever wondered what fuels a motorsport enthusiast’s passion for transforming forgotten artefacts into functional and aesthetic treasures? Dive into the enthralling journey of C. Smith, a remarkable seller at GPBox, whose tale is as inspiring as the pieces he crafts.

How, when, and why did you get into selling motorsport art, gifts, parts, and memorabilia?

My journey into this world began during my time in the engineering industry. Early on, I realized my true passion lay in collecting and reviving forgotten gems. It all started when I refurbished a machine, and an old lamp from Mek-Elek Engineering caught my eye. Instead of discarding it, I refurbished and repurposed it into a freestanding desk lamp. It was a lightbulb moment, and from there, my passion for restoring and dealing in vintage and antique pieces blossomed.

Creating functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces from industrial objects is what I love most about this work. The design process, envisioning a new life for inanimate objects, is a true joy.

Additionally, my love for Formula 1 played a significant role. I seized the chance to purchase items from the Manor/Marussia F1 racing team’s assets auction after they went into administration. Transforming these pieces into functional, sculptural lighting has been a fulfilling challenge, celebrating the engineering prowess of F1 designers and manufacturers.

Who are your favorite racers or what teams do you support, current or past?

I’ve been a fan of Formula 1 since the Senna era, and I’ve always admired drivers with raw natural talent. As a proud Brit, I’ve been a staunch supporter of British drivers who exhibit character and a sense of humor. From Johnny Herbert to Jenson Button and now Lando Norris, their journeys on the track have been inspiring.

Who is the most famous driver/rider that you have met? When, where?

I had the honor of meeting Martin Donnelly, an F1 driver, in my childhood years. He lived in my village and even visited our school after his recovery from a terrible crash at Jerez in 1990. I have fond memories of singing at his wedding, a special connection from my prepubescent days.

What prompted you to join the GPBox?

Joining GPBox was a natural step for me. After the Manor/Marussia auction, I kept a couple of pieces for my collection. What drew me to GPBox was the opportunity to share this limited collection with fellow enthusiasts who would cherish and use these pieces as much as I do.

We hope you find their pieces as unique and breathtaking as we at GPBox do.

Embark on this exhilarating adventure with C. Smith & Co. and infuse the spirit of motorsport into your own collection here:

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