Seller Stories: James Huntley a.k.a Huntleycaptures-F1

Seller Stories: James Huntley a.k.a Huntleycaptures-F1 marketplace: motorsport and car enthusiasts product category

James's love for F1 began early

James Huntley, under the ‘Huntleycaptures-F1’ moniker, creates bespoke handmade and laser cut timber models of world famous F1 tracks. He has been an avid lover of F1 since his grandfather got him into it and fondly cherishes memories of watching races with his grandfather on Sundays before heading home.

Silverstone by James
Picture credits: James Huntley (Huntleycaptures-F1)

How it all began

The idea to create race-track based art came to James a few years ago and after pitching the idea to his cousin, also an F1 fan, James concluded that it had potential. The initial idea was to create aluminum-based race-track art, but it could not be pursued due to financial unfeasibility. Having to choose alternatives, James chose to work with timber as it is both durable and easier to maintain than other materials, bringing him to where he is now.

"I have never tried that before, so I should definitely be able to do it."

Pippi Longstocking

James's motivation

It is no surprise that James draws inspiration heavily from races and the sport of F1. His current goal is to create art of future tracks that will be added into the F1 diary. A lofty goal, but certainly achievable for a man of his talents, we (the GPBox family) think.

In terms of his favourite drivers, James supported Jenson Button while he now supports Lewis Hamilton and McLaren’s Formula 1 team. He has thus far been unable to meet famous racers, but his partner has been lucky to see Mark Webber once at the airport. Do not worry James, your time will come! On a personal front, James also resonates to the principle of ‘All Lives Matter’.

James was prompted to join the GPBox because he feels that it is a place to sell F1 art to all “the keen enthusiasts”, like himself. He also feels that his experience with us has exceed his expectations and that he is very happy that people like what he has produced.

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