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Tres Precieux Voiture

Tres Precieux Voiture makes silver and gold miniature models of vintage cars and unique automotive jewelry for classic car enthusiasts. In the shop you find handmade classic car scale models, car ins

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When passions collide!

Wendy’s journey into making miniature cars and motorsports inspired jewellery was a result of the collision of the two most core aspects of her life. That is the collision of her educational background as a jeweller and the ownership of her first car, a Citroën 2cv. Going so far as to join a club to learn how to maintain him (yes, the car is a ‘him’), her ownership of this car was the inspiration that started her automotive-inspired jewellery collection.

Wendy with her miniature car models
Picture credit: Tres Precieux Voitures

How it all began.

Six years ago, she decided to take the leap and start her own business starting with making little 2cv models as jewellery, they were received with enthusiasm by her friends and family. This marked the beginning of what grew over time to become Tres Precieux Voiture which is French for ‘Very Precious Car’.

Subsequently, at a Citroën event, she was able to display a small collection with miniature cars and other jewellery that, unsurprisingly, sold like hotcakes. It prompted requests for other classic cars from other enthusiasts and her fleet of miniature cars has only grown since then. And it still keeps on growing!

"I have never tried that before, so I should definitely be able to do it."

Pippi Longstocking

Wendy's motivation

Wendy’s motivation comes mostly from her own cars but also increasingly from her friends and customers. People often come up to her with an idea where they start by saying “It is probably not possible but....”. Wendy loves these moments as she takes special joy in making those ideas a reality.

Requests from fellow gear heads and car lovers get her creativity going and the collection growing. On top of that, her job as a jewellery appraiser keeps her constantly inspired.

An interesting tidbit about Wendy that she would like her fans to know is that she still drives the 2cv that she bought as a student. ‘He’ is called Guv and is her most trusty companion on travels and car events. She also looks up to people who can keep their cars pristine-looking and adds that she has managed to maintain Guv to a point where ‘he’ is technically perfect.

What teams and which racers does Wendy support?

When we asked Wendy about her favourite teams and racers, she says that even though it may be totally foreign to most race fans, she loves the 24h2cv race at Spa-Francorchamps. The coolest part of the race for her is the part before the race where all the 2cv driving fans are allowed to do one lap in their own cars! Very cool indeed. Her friends drive at these races and she always finds a way to support them.

As a Dutch woman, she also keeps a close eye on Max Verstappen, of course, and is also a big fan of the Dakar motor participant Mirjam Pol.

When asked if she had had the opportunity to meet any famous drivers or riders, she says the opportunity has not come yet, but she has met a car builder, Mr Chapron. Wendy is in awe of people who design(ed) the classics and loves going to car museums and collections because those famous old car models inspire her greatly. Wendy looks up to famous coachbuilders like Chapron, Zagato and Bertone who according to her made cars look really sexy.

In the world of automotive art which can be big and bold, Wendy says, her miniature art deserves its own place and podium. This is an aspect that prompted her to join the GPBox family as she wants to popularise miniature car art with a wider audience and make sure that classic car enthusiasts can find exactly what they are looking for.

Every order means that Wendy can invest in new ideas and new models. Fans can expect a growing fleet of cars in various sizes at Tres Precieux Voiture. She is actively striving to make more and more car models and is looking forward to requests and challenges from her fans and collectors.

So far, things are looking very promising for Wendy and we hope that you find her art charming, just as we do at the GPBox. Wendy is available on several social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

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