Seller Story: AJ Wellburn

Seller Story: AJ Wellburn marketplace: motorsport and car enthusiasts product category

When it all comes together: The AJ Wellburn story.

Alan. J. Wellburn is a Scottish born automotive artist who prides himself on creating beautiful, fine art automobile posters under the moniker AJ Wellburn. He is relatively new to creating motorsport art starting only about 17 months ago, but looking at his posters, it’s not something people can tell. 

Having graduated with a degree in visual communication from the Edinburgh College of Art in the early 2000s, he has worked in graphic design and advertisement for the past 20 years and started his own design agency in 2008.

Photo credit: AJ Wellburn

Capturing the essence of the drama: Movie Style

AJ tells us that he draws inspiration from the style of movie poster artists from the 1980s like John Alvin, Drew Struzan and lately, Kyle Lambert. AJs art is driven by his love for motorsports, painting and graphic design which have come together in a beautiful combination and help him capture an era of real-life drama in motorsports history and present it in a manner akin to what people would expect from a retro blockbuster movie poster.

"Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

Samuel Beckett

AJ's inspiration.

It’s all for and about the people for AJ who feels that characters and stories in Motorsports and especially F1 inspire him the most. Thus far, he has produced artwork that depicts the amazing story of Brawn GP and their fairy tale year in 2009 and the life of the enigmatic James Hunt during his time with the ambitions Hesketh Racing team.  Life is indeed often stranger than fiction, it would seem.

AJ is currently focused on building his portfolio and relationships. Having recently finished a project with the James Hunt family to produce a licensed and official product, he now feels that further collaboration with more of these “big names” would be a good goal to work towards.

The idea of having his art signed by the drivers and the team behind them, AJ feels, can also spawn a special series of signed artwork.

Photo credit: AJ Wellburn

AJ tells us that in the past, he had not painted for fear of creating ‘bad work’ and Samule Beckett's on failing always reminds him that life is all about failing to the top. He wants his fans to know that his love for sports and art comes first and that he is always happy to see people succeed in fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. Being Scottish he does feel that some talent from that area would be a welcome sight and that if this talent happens to be a Scottish woman coming in and blowing away the competition, it would make for quite the story.

There are very many wonderful motorsports artists out in the world, each bringing their flavour to it. There are also some that get invited to make a live painting in the paddock club which is a place AJ wants to be at. He adds even though he is not a huge fan of Paul Oz’s art, his work ethic and success are certain things to look up to.

We asked him what made him want to join the GPBox family and he says that it gave him the opportunity to bring his work into the reach of other fans just like himself and that the quality of the other artist on board made it feel like “it was the place to be”. For him, the patrons are everything and every time he sells one of his artworks, it makes him really happy that he is not only sharing his art but also being encouraged to make more, which is definitely invaluable. In addition to the GPBox, fans can also find AJ on Facebook and Instagram.

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