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Motorsport Artworx: The fantastic artistic outlet of a motorsports purist.

Jeff Rush produces his art under the moniker Motorsport Artworx and is someone who lives and breathes motorsports. Born into a racing family with his father racing side cars at race circuits all over Ireland, Jeff spent his childhood around bike racing. A passion that started out with him sketching and doodling his heroes as a kid, to selling a painting or a couple to local galleries holds strong. He continues to gift fans with hand-painted, limited edition art work capturing iconic moments and racers frozen in time. In his own words, he “just can’t stop painting”!.

Jeff  ( Motorsport Artworx) with Jonathan Rea!
Photo credit: Jeff Rush

Inspiration strikes!

From sketching pictures as a child for the sake of sheer enjoyment, his love for the sport began to shine through as he got older as he progressed to selling his work in race paddocks and in local galleries. Jeff in his self-taught style was soon publishing his own limited edition prints of road racing, Moto GP, F1, WSB, WRC and selling to enthusiasts across the world. Road racing is of course his favorite kind of motorsport, but other forms are interesting to him too, depending on how dramatic they strike him as.

"People tell me that collecting my prints is an addiction. That's good, as painting for me, is an addiction"

Jeff Rush

The job comes with some perks 

Capturing the drama of the motorsport business has afforded Jeff the opportunity to meet icons in a manner that we can only continue dreaming about. Mr. Motorsport Artworx has had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Rea, an Ulster man that he deeply admires, both as a rider and “one of the nicest blokes” he has ever met. He was also privileged to have Michael Dunlop and John McGuinness visit his stand at bike shows and have a house call with Ryan Farquhar, as he dropped off his painting. He has also had the occasional caller to his studio as well. The most notable being BSB front runner Glenn Irwin who owns two of his originals (soon to be three) while TT Winner Lee Johnston is also part of the same club. In addition, he has undertaken commissions for multiple world sidecar champion Tim Reeves and supplied prints to former IRC champion Kris Meeke.

Photo credit: Motorsport Artworx

That being said, as Jeff hails from Northern Ireland, it’s not surprising to find out that his favourite is Joey Dunlop. According to Jeff, Mr Dunlop perfectly “encapsulated the down to earth sporting legend”. He also has the highest respect for his dad who raced the TT and the Irish Roads, won his last race and walked away on a high note.

Jeff can be found on social media platforms like TwitterFacebook and Instagram. He opened his shop a year ago but has only really started to run it to his expectations over the last couple of months. We at the GPBox love having him on board while the fans definitely love his artwork with one of them even willing to move houses so that his painting could be displayed in the way that it deserved to be, as the pride of their hall, and we are not even sure they were joking!  Keep up the good work Jeff!

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