Seller Story: Robert “Shorty” Baird

Seller Story: Robert “Shorty” Baird marketplace: motorsport and car enthusiasts product category

Short(y) and Sweet

Robert “Shorty” Baird is a self-taught artist who hails from Ballymoney, North Ireland where motorbikes and road racing is not just a pastime but part of their DNAs. His style involves the utilization of acrylic, graphite, chalk, and charcoal mostly, but he is open to trying most mediums.

Photo credit: Robert Baird

How Shorty's career as an artist began.

Robert's journey as an artist began when he was a regular at “Joey’s Bar” and got to know the owner himself, eventually going on to date, and marry his daughter in 1999. Soon afterwards, by luck or chance, the locals heard about his propensity for art and began requesting him to try his hand at paintings of local riders.

"Riding a race bike is an art - a thing that you do because you feel something inside."

Valentino Rossi

Love for the sport ignites the passion for art.

Shorty finds motivation and inspiration from watching the performance of racers at local road races. After a good race, he looks for “good shots” from the day and derives the inspiration for his next work.

When we asked him who his favourite racer was, “Valentino Rossi” was the answer, but he also mentions that Joey Dunlop would be his pick for the greatest rider. Over the last couple of years, Shorty has also had the opportunity to meet several famous racers like Giacomo Agostini, Jim Redman, Phil Reed, Jamie Whitham, Mike Grant, and Ian Simpson.

Meeting Agostini at Joey’s Bar during his time doing a parade lap around Ballymoney, says Shorty, was a moment he treasures greatly.

Photo credit: Shorty

In the future, Shorty intends to develop more products t-shirts, mugs, stickers etc that bear his design. He is also looking forward to selling more of his originals and taking more commissions through the internet. Shorty looks up to Rod Organ and resonates deeply with the quote “Never give up” which we feel is a powerful one to live by!

Shorty mentioned to us that he wants his fans to know that I give 100% in everything that he does, appreciates anyone who likes my work and each purchase inspires me to keep going. He has only recently joined the GPBox family, has just listed his products and is excited about the future! Fans, both old and new can reach out to shorty via his website.

We at the GPBox are eager to support Shorty’s artistic journey and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him

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