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Live-Ride-Paint: The Sean Wales story

Sean Wales, a lifelong F1 fan decided to merge his love for the sport with his affinity for art during his time working at Silverstone. Once his paint portraits of winning Formula 1 drivers started winning him fans, there was just no turning back.

Sean loves riding bikes and painting as much as he loves Motorsports
Photo credit: Sean Wales

How it all began.

Sean originally intend to study A-level Art and Design along with Chemistry, Biology, IT and Environmental Science at Wigan College but decided to drop the sciences in order to secure a Diploma in Fine Arts. Diploma secured; he undertook a nine-month long project in Germany which involved working on murals for a new shopping complex. Having decided to pursue higher education, Sean found himself studying Visual Arts at Nene College, Northampton and soon after, started to work in a number of event venues like Newmarket racecourse, Rockingham Motor Speedway and Chelsea Football Club. Eventually he found himself working as a Deputy General Manager of Hospitality at the Silverstone circuit for 18 years.

"Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric."

Betrand Russell

Love for the sport ignites the passion for art.

His journey with creating motorsport art was kickstarted when he was invited to paint some portraits of the drivers for the BRDC at the 2012 British Grand Prix. Having worked in F1 for a long time, he has also been lucky enough to meet several F1 racers and recalls meeting Stirling Moss on his first day at work! When asked about who his favourite racers were, he tells us that it has to be Lewis Hamilton because he seems to be “on another level”. His domination interests Sean because the longer it continues, the greater the achievement of the driver that dethrones him. He was also a big fan of Damon Hill and Nigel Manson and remembers them as the first drivers he began rooting for.

Sean is also a keen mountain biker but the fear of injuring his hands in case of a prospective crash, which can restrict him from painting, plagues his thoughts sometimes. He has also read a lot of Bertrand Russell and tells us that a lot of Bertrand’s words have resonated with him. In terms of who he looks up to, Sean tells us that he finds one of his closest friend’s growing up, a boy who was never expected to live beyond his teens but yet was always happy and made people smile, pretty inspirational.

Sean joined the GPBox because it gave him access to a very targeted audience. Sean continues to experiment with his art and is now exploring different media od painting like felt tips and inks. He has only just started to use the GPBox resource properly but has big expectations now that he has started to offer lots of my work for sale. Existing and fans can find Sean on InstagramFacebook and his Website. We at the GPBox are happy to have him on board, hope that he finds the unique style he is searching for and are excited to see what he has in store for the fans.

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