Father's Day gift hunters only! GPBox helps you find the perfect F1 and cool car gifts for Dad.
The ultimate collection of F1 Gifts to delight the F1 fan in your life. From real carbon fibre Formula 1 gifts to F1 mugs, here you can find perfect F1 gifts for F1 fans. Discover the best F1 gift ideas and the range of Formula 1 Gifts available on GPBox here!

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We understand how difficult it can be to find the best gifts for F1 fans, sometimes it might feel like an impossible mission, isn’t it?

Hey, one secret here: the GPBox started like that, one of the founders couldn’t find F1 gifts for him, her special F1 fan. So they thought of a place where everyone could easily have gifts for F1 lovers.

With that in mind, here's a brief guide of what you’ll find here. Of course, you can always spoil yourself and give yourself F1 presents as well, why not?

Best F1 gifts

Will he or she like what you’re choosing? You want them to have that exciting face when they see their Formula One gifts: “Oh this is AWESOME! Thank you!”- You want to hear this.

Don’t worry, we get you. Let’s start with this question: what does your special person like? Do you know their favourite F1 driver or F1 team?

On the GPBox you’ll discover lots of amazing gifts for Formula 1 fans. For example:

F1 mugs: the perfect morning coffee - of course! F1 mugs are great gifts for F1 lovers. They light up any place with colourful, unique, and fantastic F1 designs.

F1 official merchandise: authentic F1 gifts are always nice-looking presents. You can choose from all kinds of products and from every team’s sports car, that way they can channel their inner F1 driver. A few examples of these awesome gifts are caps, t-shirts, model cars, pens, teddy bears, jackets, backpacks, and the list goes on and on!

F1 Posters & Prints: make any wall stand out! They are one of the best F1 gift ideas - no doubt. You’ll discover lots of gorgeous high-quality posters, prints, and wall art. Their favorite F1 drivers, F1 teams, race circuits, helmets, cars, everything you could think of!

F1 circuit wall art: does your F1 fan already have different F1 print arts? Take a look at these F1 race circuits, they liven up any room with stylish F1 vibes!

F1 gift collectibles

Find the perfect F1 gift inside our F1 Car parts collection. There are unique race-used F1 Car Parts for sale available from bestsellers worldwide. Can you imagine how proud they’ll feel like owners of these F1 pieces?

You can choose from F1 gears, F1 carbon fibre items, steering wheel replicas, F1 wheels, and many others!

F1 gifts accessories

We’ve covered so far different gifts for F1 racing fans, however, we haven’t talked about F1 Phone cases yet. These are awesome gifts for F1 lovers that you can’t dismiss! They’ll love having their phone showcasing their F1 passion.

Choose from iPhone and Samsung carbon fibre and Alcantara F1 phone cases that are available for all the phone models and every single F1 team and drivers with designs from independent sellers. 

F1 Gifts