Alfa Romeo C42 #77 Valtteri Bottas Formula One F1 "Emilia Romagna GP" (2022) "Competition" Series 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Solido

Get ready to feel the thrill of Formula One with this expertly designed diecast model of Valtteri Bottas' lightning-fast race car. Ignite your love for racing by adding a piece of F1's glorious past to your collection now – don't hesitate, claim it as yours!

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Very rare find. There's only 1 of these in stock.
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- Car Model Name: Alfa Romeo C42 #77 - The Driver: Valtteri Bottas - The Team: Alfa Romeo - The Season: 2022 - The scale: 1/18 - Includes a display case: Yes Enter the thrilling world of Formula One with the riveting Alfa Romeo C42 #77. This isn't just a 1/18 scale model but a slice of history that Valtteri Bottas carved in 2022 amid a heart-stopping "Emilia Romagna GP". Get ready. This isn't a mere model. It's an emotion that sings the spirit of exhilarating competition! Featuring the magic of diecast metal bound seamlessly with fine plastic, this model car is where technology meets artistry. Thanks to Solido's craftsmanship, every curve, every contour mirrors the original's endurance and beauty. Experience the road-like feel with real rubber tires and admire the meticulous interior and exterior with each glance! Meet Valtteri Bottas, the relentless racer who sped into our hearts, courtesy of his thrilling F1 performances in 2022. His enthusiasm, strategy, and fiery spirit on track put him on high ranks of championship leaderboard. This model flawlessly echoes his journey, a tribute to timeless esprit and unmatched zeal. Bottas proved his mettle one race at a time. His passion for racing resonates in this fine replica, adding an electrifying twist to your assemblage. It's not just a model; it's a storied chapter in Bottas' formidable racing career frozen in time just for you. Behind every intoxicating roar of engine there's team breaking sweat and barriers. Witness the 2022 Alfa Romeo team - handful to whom innovation comes instinctively Known for their adaptability and relentless pursuit of excellence this team never came short delivering staggering performances. Their gritty essence reached crescendo with strong plays in World Constructors' Championship. This model captures their spirit, reminder that collaborative strength clinches victories. It's Alfa Romeo team's signature tenacity encapsulated within your grasp. Brought to life in "Emilia Romagna GP" of 2022, the Alfa Romeo C42 piloted by Bottas turned heads and cocktails. A confluence of skilled maneuvers, seamless teamwork, and unparalleled strategy, this race was a nerve-racking spectacle of F1 finesse. Sailing through racing circuit's unpredictable tides, Bottas and Alfa Romeo team crafted mesmerizing moments that became etched in F1 folklore. Don't just behold stats; relive thrill with this diecast model lovingly wrapping their journey into unforgettable race. Bottas and Alfa Romeo's speed, skill, and sync complement each other flawlessly - dance of strength and strategy playing out in this model. It's an ode to exhilarating race that became high point in their journey. While the model stays true to its 1/18 compact scale its attention to micro-details propels it vast realms. From steerable wheels to intricately designed interiors it provokes mini racing experience unlike others Peace comes knowing it rests untouched original manufacturer's packaging wink at authentic

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Product listed on Nov 20, 2023 and last updated on Jun 1, 2024

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Alfa Romeo C42 #77 Valtteri Bottas Formula One F1 "Emilia Romagna GP" (2022) "Competition" Series 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Solido

Alfa Romeo C42 #77 Valtteri Bottas Formula One F1 "Emilia Romagna GP" (2022) "Competition" Series 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Solido

$116.25 VAT included (where applicable).