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Ferrari F1-75 #16 Charles Leclerc "Giallo Modena" 2nd Place Formula One F1 Italian GP (2022) "Formula Racing" Series 1/43 Diecast Model Car by Bburago

Get your hands on a unique piece of racing history now with this meticulously crafted 1/43 scale diecast model. This special edition commemorates an unforgettable performance at the prestigious 2022 Italian GP. Don't miss out on the opportunity to showcase exceptional craftsmanship and precision by adding this masterpiece to your collection today!

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Very rare find. There's only 1 of these in stock.
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- Ferrari F1-75 #16 Charles Leclerc "Giallo Modena" diecast model - Materials: Made of diecast metal and plastic parts - Scale: 1/43 scale model - A tribute to Charles Leclerc's performance in the 2022 Italian GP - Ferrari's success in the Formula One World Constructors' Championship - The 2022 Italian GP as a memorable race - Notable elements of the model: original unopened packaging, no display case or pit board, compact size Embrace your love for racing with the incredible diecast model of the iconic Ferrari F1-75 #16, driven by none other than Charles Leclerc! This fantastic model commemorates its spectacular run at the 2022 Italian GP in the Formula One F1 "Formula Racing" Series, where it secured a remarkable 2nd place. There isn’t any model quite like it when it comes to adding a piece of racing history to your collection! Known for their precision craftsmanship, Bburago brings to you a 1/43 scale model, made of diecast metal along with some plastic parts. The exemplary combination ensures durability while capturing every minute detail. The model car exhibits an immensely detailed exterior and interior, true to its real-life counterpart. It doesn't lack with its realistic rubber tires – the realism is taken another notch up! Charles Leclerc, the prodigal son of Ferrari, has been creating waves in the world of Formula One. The year 2022 saw him giving a top-notch performance, showing his mettle by securing 2nd place in the Italian Grand Prix. This model car is a tribute to his skill and indomitable will to win! Leclerc's unyielding spirit and determination have made him a firm fan favorite. Ferrari has been synonymous with success, becoming a tour de force in the Formula One World Constructors' Championship. In 2022, they proved their worth yet again with an incredible performance that left fans and critics astounded. This model car is a reflection of their prowess, and a window into an exceptional year. The 2022 Italian GP was a thriller from start to finish. It was here that Charles Leclerc's Ferrari F1-75 #16 secured an unforgettable 2nd place finish, making it a highlight of the racing calendar. The race was a display of resilience, high-speed duels, and breathtaking overtakes. It was also a momentous day for Ferrari, with Charles Leclerc at the helm. What sets this car model apart is its manufacturer's original unopened packaging. While the packing box is subject to change, the model's richness is a constant. Neither display case nor pit board distracts from the awe-inspiring detail. Compact, yet intricately detailed, it sizes approximately L-5, W-1.75, H-1 inches – a perfect fit for your collection or display. Immerse yourself in the world of Formula One with the Ferrari F1-75 #16 Charles Leclerc "Giallo Modena" diecast model by Bigburago. A striking tribute to a

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Product listed on Nov 20, 2023 and last updated on Jun 12, 2024

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Ferrari F1-75 #16 Charles Leclerc "Giallo Modena" 2nd Place Formula One F1 Italian GP (2022) "Formula Racing" Series 1/43 Diecast Model Car by Bburago

Ferrari F1-75 #16 Charles Leclerc "Giallo Modena" 2nd Place Formula One F1 Italian GP (2022) "Formula Racing" Series 1/43 Diecast Model Car by Bburago

$21.04 VAT included (where applicable).