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About HOUSE OF NAMDAR - Omnibus

HOUSE OF NAMDAR - Omnibus shop banner

The House of Namdar offers luxury and high-end one-of-a kind original art pieces/ photography produced on a wide variety of mediums such as canvas, acrylic, brushed metal, and wood. All of our canvas paintings purchased for retail markets come in floating canvas frames, as well as individually signed pieces. We also offer private lines, interior design pieces, and custom pieces for various projects from commercial to residential art. Please send us a message with details about your project and we will supply you with all the tools needed. 

The House of Namdar exhibited, curated, and presented as the art line at the prestigious Formula One Circuits of America (COTA) Grand Prix - USA. The only Formula One track in the United States is located in Austin, Texas (COTA), where over 250,000 fans from across the world come to Austin to watch the race. The city of Austin even closes their school district due to the amount of fans that attend the race during the week of Formula One - COTA. At COTA, The House of Namdar exhibited in the Owners Club, as well as, Motor GP.

Omnibus is in internationally known and recognized anonymous artist who's identity has been kept hidden for several years now. Displaying in galleries across the world Omnibus' is know for his avant-garde style, unique designs, and creative mediums. He also displays dramatic imagery with his signature eye for the simplistic luxury. Currently, Omnibus' is the featured artist at the Circuit of the Americas - 2019 Grand Prix - USA under the art label The House of Namdar. Omnibus' other works can be found at the Psychedelic Robot, by Bivins Gallery in Dallas, Texas and the upcoming Flite for Freedom art exhibit in Dallas, Texas. The GPBox is the exclusive international art dealer and provider for authentic Omnibus' Fromula - 1 collection.

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