Carbon fibre & stainless steel cufflinks - Modern motorsport inspired design

Carbon fibre cufflinks


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Cufflinks made from very high quality gloss black carbon fiber & polished stainless steel.

Carbon fibre is a material more usually associated with Formula 1 racecars and supercars, the carbon has then been mounted onto a stainless steel backing plate. The end result is a very simple yet stylish pair of cufflinks, perfect for everyday office wear or more formal occasions.

Approx 3/4" diameter (20mm) and 1/8" (3mm) thick. I've also shown a 1/2" spanner in one of the pictures to give you a better idea of the size of the cufflinks.

Great gift for any car enthusiast, supplied in a black card gift box with a folding lid.

Bit more info for the geeks out there.....

Carbon fibre is the material of choice for modern racecars, aeroplanes, high performance boats and any other application that needs an incredibly lightweight and strong material. In its raw form the carbon fibre is only 0.25mm thick, so each cufflink is made from 4 individual layers which are then cured together under heat and pressure until they have all bonded together (this takes around 10 hours at 80 degrees centigrade).

In case you are wondering where this material comes from my day job is actually repairing and running racecars, however I now also use the materials / parts at my disposal to make the range of interesting items that you can see in my shop.

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