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Eyes of Senna - Ayrton Senna

Anita Lewis featured artist at the USGP 2019 F1 in Austin.

Eyes of Senna - Ayrton Senna is a piece painted by world famous and internationally known contemporary artist Anita Lewis. Anita has had a passion for painting Formula 1 pieces and her unique contemporary style and vivid imagery makes this piece a true masterpiece and stunning piece in any setting it is displayed in.

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...and it's go, go, go!!! Unique and of a world renowned artist! Capturing the speed, excitement and emotive moment of the race, Anita Lewis displays her love of the motor racing sport through her abstract art. These pieces will no longer just be a thing of the "man-cave", but can easily decorate your home throughout, with the splashes of colors and forms, yet all about Formula 1 and other racing.

Throughout her art career, she has taken her love of the sport a step further into the art world. Not your usual rendition of the exact model with all  its minute detail, (photographs do well there) but more about the emotive experience of the race. Her experience with the motor sport world is as a close friend; She has assisted in the pits of Formula 3 in Germany, done paintings for sponsors, and created a show with a Le Mans driver in Texas. Her originals are mainly oil on canvas, but translate exquisitely onto aluminum reproductions, as well as giclees.

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Eyes of Senna - Ayrton Senna


Eyes of Senna - Ayrton Senna

Early on in my artistic career I was introduced to the racing world of Formula 1. It was all so exhilarating, that I just had to bring pen to paper with the race cars. At first the renderings were quite photographic and exact. As a professional abstract artist, I had to find a more expressive and new way of race car interpretation; the thrill of the MOVEMENT! That would be the key to the art! Cars flying by, engines screaming, a fleeting moment of a vision…like being on the racetrack itself!

I have had curious comments about being a woman in racing and race car art. It is a male dominated field, yet I don’t focus on gender aspects. Of course there are barriers, and they are meant to be broken. Yet I love the race, and the challenge of the interpretation thereof, and ultimately sharing my race art creations with the world.

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