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House of Namdar

When Brad Namdar, (founder of House of Namdar) decided to create a line of art that would be innovative, unique, and something the world has never seen before, he thought; “This will be cool…” as he met artist Anita Lewis in January of 2018, where she immediately became one of the first signings of the House of Namdar.

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About Anita Lewis Abstract Motorsport Art

Anita Lewis Abstract Motorsport Art shop banner


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...and it's go, go, go!!! Unique and of a world renowned artist! Capturing the speed, excitement and emotive moment of the race, Anita Lewis displays her love of the motor racing sport through her abstract art. These pieces will no longer just be a thing of the "man-cave", but can easily decorate your home throughout, with the splashes of colors and forms, yet all about Formula 1 and other racing.

Throughout her art career, she has taken her love of the sport a step further into the art world. Not your usual rendition of the exact model with all  its minute detail, (photographs do well there) but more about the emotive experience of the race. Her experience with the motor sport world is as a close friend; She has assisted in the pits of Formula 3 in Germany, done paintings for sponsors, and created a show with a Le Mans driver in Texas. Her originals are mainly oil on canvas, but translate exquisitely onto aluminum reproductions, as well as giclees.

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anita-lewis-abstract motorsport and car enthusiasts shop on GPBox

Early on in my artistic career I was introduced to the racing world of Formula 1. It was all so exhilarating, that I just had to bring pen to paper with the race cars. At first the renderings were quite photographic and exact. As a professional abstract artist, I had to find a more expressive and new way of race car interpretation; the thrill of the MOVEMENT! That would be the key to the art! Cars flying by, engines screaming, a fleeting moment of a vision…like being on the racetrack itself!

I have had curious comments about being a woman in racing and race car art. It is a male dominated field, yet I don’t focus on gender aspects. Of course there are barriers, and they are meant to be broken. Yet I love the race, and the challenge of the interpretation thereof, and ultimately sharing my race art creations with the world.


As an American abstract artist living and working in San Diego County, Anita Lewis’ work emulates her international heritage and love of modern design with natural influences. Born in Los Angeles, she grew up bilingual with European cultural influences.

Anita Lewis is no stranger to the fine arts and architecture, drawing from her ancestral heritage of artists, musicians, draftsmen and engineers. She began oil painting at the tender age of eleven, and selling her first commissioned work at age 14. After graduating in 1979 with a BA in art and interior architectural design at California State University Northridge, she sought to broaden her horizons and left for Europe. Intending to stay only one year, she returned to the United States almost 20 years later, having raised a daughter, and launching a successful career of high-end modern interior design, and exhibiting her art in Augsburg, Germany. Once back in the US, she began her own high-profiled design business, pioneering high-end European kitchen design and the import of prominent European brand name furnishings into the San Diego/La Jolla area.

With life-changing events 2005/6, Lewis put her design career to rest, to devote her entire attention to building her art repertoire. She has steadily earned increased international recognition in the art world, participating in internationally renowned art shows such as Art Expo New York, Art Expo Las Vegas, Arte Classica Buenos Aires and Art San Diego. Her art is collected in many countries and represented in fine art galleries throughout the world. She has a collector base of corporations, medical centers, high-end architectural homes, both nationally and internationally. Lewis’ work has been published in various art and design magazines, such as Art Business News, Fine, LUXE, and a featured artist in American Art Collector. She has been interviewed on San Diego Channel 7 NBC, and Fox 5 television. Cliff Johns, cousin to Jasper Johns, has done write-ups on her work.

The art of Anita Lewis embraces the ever increasingly rare use of the classical medium of oils in abstract work. Lewis revels in the challenge of incorporating classical with modern, as she identifies strongly both with modern art and architecture, and the classics. Stark linearity seems to dissolve into abstraction, yet with detail in the obscure. Her work can be described as earthy, textural and emotive, reminding of natural occurrences. There is a freedom to her work, but an underlying structure prevents chaos, pulling the pieces together. Her paintings seem to call out a visual experience of long yearned-for memories or emotions of the viewer.

Lewis has also been exploring the ever-increasing popular world of ballet dance, auto-racing themes, beach details and other “abstract figuratives”. One of her former projects involves an exploratory first-time collaboration with the San Diego Ballet, a fresh endeavor of the “arts supporting the arts”. Her latest project captures the enigmatic world of the Formula One.

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