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Desk clock made from a race used Marussia F1 gear ratio.


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Unique office desk / bedside table clock that has been made from a highly polished steel 1st gear ratio that was once used in a Marussia F1 racecar driven by Max Chilton & Jules Bianchi (RIP) during the 2014 Formula 1 season.

In keeping with the motorsport theme the clock insert we have sourced is styled to look like a cars speedo.

The perfect gift for any car / racing fan, who'll now be able to boast that they own a piece of racing history, makes a great conversation piece to display on your desk or in your office too.

As you would expect the gear was been made to the very highest standards possible and will have originally cost the F1 team in the region of $50,000 to design, test & manufacture  (a typical F1 car costs around $10 million to build!!!)

Each gear has been assigned with its own unique part number, this was done by the Marussia 1 team to enable the engineers to keep track of what parts were fitted to the cars at any given time (each track requires its own specific set of gears).

The stand is included and the battery is supplied pre-fitted to the clock mechanism (it's also a simple job to change when it does eventually run out). The clock is a high quality quartz controlled unit with a polished chrome bezel.

The gear measures approx 5" (12.5cm) in diameter.

Supplied in a smart black gift box and a gift / information card that explains what the part is, which F1 team it has come from and which drivers would have used it.

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