James Hunt | Hesketh Team 1975

James Hunt | Hesketh Team 1975 by R.Cortina (02.2018) Certificate of Authenticity from artist.* Original Artwork, oil on canvas * Limited Edition Giclée Print (Limited to 100 prints)

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James Hunt | Hesketh Team 1975 by R.Cortina (02.2018) Certificate of Authenticity from artist.AVAILABLE VERSIONS * Original Artwork * Limited Edition Giclée Print (Limited to 100 prints)SIZES * Original Artwork, oil on canvas: 100 x 80 x 2.5 cm | 39.5" x 31.5" x 1.0". * Limited Edition Giclée Print: 102 x 76 cm | 30.0" x 40.0"QUALITY VERSIONS *Oil on canvas, high quality oil paint used for this artwork. * A high quality Giclée print on Smooth 300gsm paper. PAPER: Pura Smooth It is a matte paper for art with a smooth surface, a exceptional quality for very high resolution photographic images. It is capable of producing the sharpest and most accurate detail. Free of chemical whiteners, exceptional for certified reproductions.Note: Both versions are delivered unframed.PACKAGING All artwork versions are professionally packaged to ensure quality assurance. Please review shipping times and policies.

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