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F24: Honda F1 gearbox part 8" wall clock real carbon fiber Formula 1 racing motorsport engineering office guys mans workshop gift

Wall clock made from a Honda F1 gearbox part & real carbon fibre.


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Unique silver & black wall clock. Made from a race used 2006 Honda Formula 1 gearbox part that has been mounted onto a clock face made from
real carbon fiber.

Measures approx 8" (20cm) in diameter.

Very limited edition - 1 of only 5 made.

The ultimate clock for any gearhead, mechanic, grease monkey, engineer, petrol head, car junkie or motorsport enthusiast.

The part in the centre is a race & test used Honda F1 dogring, this part goes between the gears and is what allows the gears to move apart
and change as the car accelerates and decelerates. Has been engraved (by the Honda F1 team) with its own unique part number.

The clock mechanism is a silent (non-ticking) sweep type movement.

Supplied with an information card that explains which F1 team the part is from, what it is and which drivers would have used it. AA clock battery also
included (UK orders only due to shipping restrictions).

This clock takes 'upcycling' to a whole new level as a part of this nature would have originally cost around $30k to design, develop &

Due to the nature of the parts I use to make my items from they are all available in very limited quantities and once
their gone they're gone for good! Also a lot of the a parts have actually spent many hours going round race tracks at 200+ mph so in some
cases may carry marks from actually being used, however I do my best to clean them up before making them into new items.

In case you are wondering where I'm able to get such parts from, my 'day job' is actually building, fixing and running racecars for professional
motorsport teams, I've done this for nearly 20 years now, so have built up quite a few good contacts which allow me to source interesting old
racing parts for this business to 'upcycle'.

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