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Ferrari 312 T – Niki Lauda – Monaco 1975 – Loews turn. Limited edition, paper art print, poster, print, birthday, race, formula1

  • Limited edition of 50 copies
  • Signed by Art Director
  • Numbered
  • Security hologram sticker
  • Poster Size 40 x 60 cm or 50 x 70 cm or 60 x 80 cm
  • Printed on Fine Art Paper 188g

$63.00 $91.00

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Poster printed on Fine Art Paper 188gr. A very high quality paper, suitable for high-end professional use. It has the highest level of image stability and is ideal for display purposes.

Poster of an automotive icon the The Ferrari 312 T is a Formula 1 single-seater entered by Scuderia Ferrari in the 1975 World Championship. It is driven by Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni who are making their second and fifth seasons for the stable. The 312 T also took part in the first three Grands Prix of the 1976 season before being replaced by the Ferrari 312 T2.
Recreate with Diecast model 1/18.
Ideal for your home, office or garage.
Ideal as a birthday present for a fan of vintage cars and legendary races who really loves classic cars.

Exclusive Edition is a Belgian studio in the EU. We create posters dedicated to the world of motor racing.

We recreate car details and damage using graphics software.

Here are the characteristics of our posters:

- Limited edition of 50 copies
- Signed by the artist
- Numbered
- Secured by a Hologram
- Available in 3 sizes: 40 x 60 cm or 50 x 70 cm or 60 x 80 cm
- Printed on Fine Art Matt 188g paper
- Delivery included

Our posters will suit almost any interior - from the office or garage to the modern home or high-tech apartment.

Exceptional print quality and paper by using Canon 12-color technology and high-end Fine Art Matt 190g matte paper.

The result offers vivid colors and fine, sharp lines. Automotive posters are printed with a resolution of 2400 DPI for maximum effect thanks to ultra-precise printheads.

Upon dispatch, each poster is carefully checked for printing defects and carefully packaged in a plastic sleeve and protected in a reinforced cardboard tube.

Other posters are available on the shop.

The Ferrari 312 t was a Ferrari Formula One car design, based on the 312B3 from 1974.
In various versions, it was used from 1975 until 1980. It was designed
by Mauro Forghieri for the 1975 season, and was an uncomplicated and
clean design that responded well to mechanical upgrades.

The Ferrari 312T series won 27 races, four Constructors’ and three
Drivers’ Championships, making it the most successful car design in
Formula One history. It was replaced for the 1981 season by the 126 C,
Ferrari’s first turbocharged F1 car. It was also Ferrari’s last
naturally-aspirated F1 car until the Ferrari 640 in 1989, after the ban
on turbocharged engines.

The car was powered by the powerful and reliable Tipo 015 flat-12
engine which gave around 510 bhp. Although it had to carry more fuel,
oil and water than the Cosworth DFV-powered cars the power-to-weight
ratio of the flat-12 was about the same as the DFV. The “3” stood for
the car’s engine displacement (3 litres) and “12” was the number of
cylinders it had.

In order to improve upon the preceding 312B3, Forghieri designed a
new chassis for the 312T. The 312T chassis was a semi-monocoque
consisting of tubular spaceframe reinforced with riveted aluminium
panels. This “traditional” construction was a departure from the full
monocoque of the 312B3. The new chassis was slightly heavier than the
312B3 monocoque, but had comparable rigidity and was easier to adjust
and repair.

It could also accept bodywork with a lower frontal area, reducing
drag. The suspension design was substantially revised to work with the
new chassis. The same basic chassis design and construction method was
used in all 312T-series cars, although later cars received modifications
to improve torsional rigidity.

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Ferrari 312 T – Niki Lauda – Monaco 1975 – Loews turn. Limited edition, paper art print, poster, print, birthday, race, formula1

Ferrari 312 T – Niki Lauda – Monaco 1975 – Loews turn. Limited edition, paper art print, poster, print, birthday, race, formula1

$63.00 $91.00