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Silver-Color Black Carbon Fibre Inlay Wedding Ring

Celebrate love with this distinctly bold combination of Carbon Fibre and Metal. Some of our most durable wedding bands, built to last. Includes a slightly cambered interior for comfort ofering a comfortable wear and fit. This particular design is popular among Formula One and Motorsport fans and makes a beautiful gift option. Check our Size Guide in the description below. (All Infinity Gallery rings are measured to centre)

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Carbon Fibre

Carbon Fibre is the new face of jewellery and is more than just a phase. These high-quality designs available at Infinity Galery are a fantastic choice for the modern gentlemen who want to stray away from tradition. Carbon Fibre is also known as Graphite Fibre or Carbon Graphite. These modern rings are tough-wearing and extremely practical for working hands. Carbon Fibre makes our wedding rings much more comfortable and provide added durability for everyday wear. Carbon Fibre is made with extremely thin fibres, thinner than the human hair, measuring approx 0.0005-0.010mm in diameter and composed of mainly carbon atoms. Carbon Fibres strength to weight ratio has been found to be up to five times stronger than steel, whilst only weight two thirds less than steel. Benefits of a Carbon Fibre ring:
  • High strength
  • Lightweight
  • Difficult to bend
  • Long-lasting
  • Modern & stylish
  • Durable
  • Smooth and comfortable
Carbon Fibre facts:
  • The word carbon comes from the Latin word carbo, meaning coal.
  • Carbon was discovered by early human civilizations in the form of charcoal and soot.
  • Carbon is the 4th most common element in the Universe.
  • A strand of Carbon Fibre is smaller than a human hair.
  • Carbon Fibre can measure just 0.005mm to 0.010mm in width.

Ring Size Table

Silver-Color Black Carbon Fibre Inlay Wedding RingSilver-Color Black Carbon Fibre Inlay Wedding Ring

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